The Australian Society of Hypnosis (NSW) Inc. is a well-established and progressive society offering  postgraduate education in Clinical Hypnosis as well as continuing professional development activities to Health Professionals in NSW.

Our membership is open to individuals in the Health Professions with a proven record of University qualifications and the necessary postgraduate supervision in their respective fields. Our Society does not accept into its ranks individuals who do not have appropriate health qualifications because Clinical Hypnosis is a specialist area of therapy and as such requires a high level of ethical consideration.

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The Society has many resources for the use of the general public as well as for its Members. These include various books, journals, lectures, seminars, presentations and audio tapes.

The journal for the Australian Society of Hypnosis is the Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and can be accessed by clicking here.

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Member Referral List

The Society includes a variety of Health Professionals which have been trained in the use of hypnosis in their specialist fields.

To seek a Society Member for treatment please check our  REFERRAL LIST – ASHNSWINC Aug2020

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