Continuing Professional Development

ASH NSW constantly endeavours to provide its Members with current and pertinent activities for their Continuing Professional Development.

These activities have been in the form of seminars, lectures, presentations and workshops covering a variety of fields of expertise aiming to allow our Members to assimilate the knowledge presented and subsequently contribute to and enhance the activity with their unique and personal experiences.

Some of these activities in the past have included the following:


#1: "Otto Georg Wetterstrand's use of hypnosis in general medical practice" by Dr Anthony Cole

#2: "Matching your Sleep Solution to your Insomnia type" by Elizabeth Shannon

#3: "Talking in Trance" by Dr Monica Moore

#4: "Therapy in Contra-indicative circumstances" by Dr John McManus

ONE DAY WORKSHOP - Titled: Current Information & Applications in Hypnotic Therapeutic Strategies

A: "Treatment of Anxiety by Hypnosis" by Dr Keith Dawes

B: "Recent Advances in Cognitive Neuroscience of Hypnosis" by Dr Graham Jamieson

C: "Phenomenological assessment of Hypnotic Responsiveness" by Dr Graham Jamieson

D: "Advanced Hypnotic Techniques" by Malcolm Desland