Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis is provided by the Australian Society of Hypnosis NSW (ASH) annually.

Basic Course Overview

  • One year, 100-hour course undertaken in 15 full days (weekends only)
  • Theoretical (min.30hrs), practical (min.50hrs) & extra supervision (min.15hrs) components
  • Continuous assessment throughout course (including ‘viva’)
  • Profession specific topics (ie MD, Dentists, Psychologists, Allied health, etc.)
  • Associate Membership to ASH while undertaking course included
  • Full Membership to ASH and the Society’s ‘Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis’is awarded on completion of all course requirements (12 months)
  • Full cost for course of $4,000 (+GST)
  • Course aimed at contributing to Continuing Professional Development requirements (eg Psychologists, Allied Health professionals, etc.)

Currently, the program is planned for FIVE full weekends and FIVE single days (on weekends) throughout the year with the program structure to be confirmed prior to the course.

For further information interested individuals can inquire at:

The course is subject to sufficient numbers enrolling for the full benefit of its interactive nature to be realised.