Becoming a full member

In recognition of the subtleties and complexities of using hypnosis in a clinical setting, and the risks associated with such a powerful form of human interaction, we require our Associate members to complete an eighteen months course in the theory and practice of clinical hypnosis.

The ASH Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis is presented in three stages. The first is the Basic Module which covers fundamentals of hypnosis, including, history, practice, contraindications, ethics and the importance of informed consent. This is usually completed in two weekends.

Next is a series of modules that address the many therapeutic applications of clinical hypnosis in such areas as anxiety, performance, and self esteem. We also introduce areas such as hypnosis and the law, hypnosis in the professions, and age regression and hypnoanalysis. There must be ongoing theoretical and practical supervision.

Next section outlines the examination process.