The Australian Society of Hypnosis (NSW) Inc. is a well-established and progressive society offering  postgraduate education in Clinical Hypnosis as well as continuing professional development activities to Health Professionals in NSW.

Our membership is open to individuals in the Health Professions with a proven record of University qualifications and the necessary postgraduate supervision in their respective fields. Our Society does not accept into its ranks individuals who do not have appropriate health qualifications because Clinical Hypnosis is a specialist area of therapy and as such requires a high level of ethical consideration.

While all of our Members have their own professional skills, before they can be qualified by our Society to practice they must have completed an extensive and thorough course of lectures and workshops as well as extensive face-to-face supervision with an established Member.

While Clinical Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself, it is however considered an important adjunct to therapeutic approaches and strategies as determined by the practitioner.

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness and differs from waking consciousness, dream consciousness and unconsciousness. In hypnosis you are awake but you experience yourself and the world from a different perspective - a position which allows you to be open to suggestion.

In hypnosis:

You can have a different, less intrusive experience of pain.

You can change your motivational drives to be more beneficial for you.

You can stop smoking more readily, lower your stress level, lose weight, increase enjoyment in your relationships and become more successful in your chosen life endeavours.

These outcomes depend upon you and the relationship established with your practitioner. Clients  present along a continuum of hypnotisability - some are more hypnotisable than others while there are some individuals who cannot find their own hypnotic consciousness. Our Members can assist you in reaching and exploring this consciousness to achieve your desired goals.